Facebook to Stamp out Fake News in Germany

Germany is going to be the second country where Facebook targets to flag fake news. In the U.S. partners as AP or ABC News already monitor the fake news process for Facebook. In Germany, Correctiv is the first partner and Focus Online allegedly will be the second. Facebook´s head of news partnerships for Europe Nick Wrenn to The Media Briefing podcast: “Freedom of speech absolutely has a place. We are looking at stuff that is malicious, totally wrong and done for nefarious reasons.” … more

Austria Increases Subsidies for Media Outlets

Austria is said to double its state-funded subsidies from EUR 8 million to EUR 17 million. In the future, free daily newspapers will qualify as well for financial support. Weekly (daily) news organizations need to employ 3  (6) editors to meet the minimum threshold. There is a cap at EUR 1 million per outlet. News organizations who make sure that reader comments are published under their real names receive a bonus. … more

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