Publisher-Independent Platforms Cannibalize Existing Subscription Models

Platforms like Blendle or Pocketstory don´t seem to lead to net subscription gains for publishing houses.  According to a study conducted at the University Hamburg and Groningen, many existing subscribers simply shift towards publisher-independent platforms to save money. These digital apps benefit most from flat fee models.  As long as pricing stays below € 10, the market potential is estimated at 7% in Germany.

How to Increase the Quality of User Comments

Norwegian broadcaster NRKbeta introduced a feature that requires its users to successfully answer a quiz about the particular article they intend to comment on. “If you spend 15 seconds on it, those are maybe 15 seconds that take the edge off the rant mode when people are commenting,” editor Arnesen told the Nieman Lab. There are more and more tools in the marketplace that recognize “toxic” comments and delete them automatically, i.e. Perspective, Coral Project, Civil or Vuukle that generates additional revenue on top.

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