Chinese News App pays out Money to its Users

“Monetizing the reading experience is just a gimmick to attract users”, says the editorial director of the Chinese news app Bingdu in an interview with Storybench.  In average users earn a little less than $ 0.04 per day from the advertising revenue. The main idea behind is to collect data from their audience to improve the user attractiveness of Bingdu. The app has been downloaded 80 million times… more

Eastwest Magazine Releases German Edition

Italian-based Europeye SRL expands its portfolio with a German edition of “eastwest”. The bi-monthly magazine reaches out to an audience interested in an in-depth coverage of global politics and economy. The 92-page magazine is available for EUR 9 in Germany (Austria: EUR 9.90, Switzerland: CHF 12.90).  “eastwest” is already available in English and Italian. (Media Glocalizer supports the German edition of “eastwest”.)

“Business Insider” Enters Africa

Swiss publishing house Ringier expands its product line in Africa. After taking on “Women´s Health” and “Men´s Health” in Nigeria and Ghana last month, Ringier announced to launch the sub-Saharan African edition of “Business Insider”. This is going to be the 15th edition of “Business Insider” around the globe. In Europe, there are already various editions including French, German, Polish and Italian… more

Breitbart to go Global

While Breitbart is expected to soon enter the German and French market with a native language edition it also is supposed to hit Italy with an English edition. The Atlantic reports that Breitbart News intends to go more mainstream and become the future New York Times… more

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