A globalized and digitalized media market offers promising opportunities for publishing houses to reach out to a new audience. Yet launching a foreign edition requires significant adaptation to each individual market. The most apparent parameters are: language, content, style, layout, format (digital vs. print), marketing, pricing, distribution, working culture, or legal frameworks.

Whenever your organization intends to enter a new market, I thrive to be your partner to enhance your next step in GLOBALIZATION striving for an answer for all challenges on the LOCAL level. It is my honorable mission to serve you as your trustworthy, personal MEDIA GLOCALIZER.

If you intend to enter a new market:

  • Publish an existing publication in a new market and/or new language
    • How to set it up yourself
    • I will seek a joint venture respectively cooperation partner for you
    • When rather subcontracting I will find a licensee for you
  • Generate syndication business
    • Sell existing content to third parties (possibly translated into new languages)

Once you have already entered a new market:

  • Intercultural Public Relations
    • How to implement a media image at journalists, opinion leaders and target groups with supporting media solutions and press work
    • Host tailored events to also get in direct touch with your audience (i.e. panel discussions or speeches)
  • Intercultural Marketing
    •  How to promote, price & sell your product in the new market
  • International Subscription & Key Account Management
    • Connecting you with the right agency to help you acquire, manage and service subscribers
    • I will call on key accounts for you to achieve volume subscriptions at special discounts
  • International Advertising Sales
    • I will recommend agents that match your criteria and personally call on key accounts upon request

Upon request, I also offer to conduct a thorough market analysis on your target market for you.

In order to serve you best – based on my experience and network – the market you intend to enter should be in:

Europe, North America, India or East Asia.

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