A global, digital media market offers publishing houses tremendous opportunities to expand their audiences beyond their borders. Yet launching a foreign edition requires significant adaptation. This includes – but isn’t limited to – language, content, style, layout, format (digital vs. print), marketing, pricing, distribution, working culture and legal frameworks.

When your media organization is exploring, entering or adjusting to a new market, I am ready to support you with my services and proven expertise in multiple media markets as your personal Media Glocalizer.

Market research

  • Thorough market analysis of your target market

Preparation for market entry

  • Support in publishing an existing publication in a new market and/or new language
  • Finding and vetting a joint-venture partner or licensee
  • Selling existing content to third parties (incl. syndication, possibly in a different language)
  • Intercultural marketing: How to promote, price and sell in the new market
  • Human resources support

After market entry

  • Intercultural public relations
  • Building brand visibility among journalists, opinion leaders and other target groups with supporting marketing and publicity work
  • Creating tailored events for direct access to key audiences
  • Connecting you with the right agency to acquire, manage and service subscribers
  • Active management of key accounts to generate volume subscriptions
  • Connecting you with the right advertising sales agents
  • Active support with key advertising accounts

Based on many years of international experience, my focus is on markets in Europe, North America, India and East Asia.

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